The Boy Who Hates School

Hi, Man!

I’m back!!!

Posted by upandcominggamer on March 21, 2011

Well, after two-and-a-half years not posting anything (due to lose of password), I have had many, many adventures! =)

Any way, I’m going to tell all of you 2 of them.

One was that one day, during a nice, quiet weekend, we got a phone call. It was Aunt Amy.

She said that she would take me to Six Flags for the weekend!!! 😛

Well, when we got there we had a super-fantastic time!!

I went to the American Screamer, the Twister, and many, many more. They sure did make me scream!!! =O

We also got snacks, drinks, funnel cakes (YUM), and won some things. I didn’t win a thing, but had a great time anyway!

I was also with my step-uncle, Britt, and my cousin, Darien.

My other wonderful adventure happened at my first day of a new school, Blakeney Elementary.

Well, they said they wanted to give me a “Blakeney welcome”, and they sure did!

I was a little shy and scared at first, but eventually got used to my new school, and new students.
I made a lot of friends and even a girlfriend, but we ended up breaking up. D=>

But there was another downside.
I had to leave my old school which had a girl in there who I felt I really loved.
But, of course, I was moving, so there was no point. Dx>

I was even sadder about that.

Well, that’s all I’m writing about and… ohhh it’s like 8:30 so I got to go to bed in half-an-hour.
So, this concludes this post, so goodbye (for now)!


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my very bad day! (at school)

Posted by upandcominggamer on September 5, 2008

  1. these 2 guys named jackson & tommas patrik.
  2. they call me names such as stupid, i’ll kill you, and *****!
  3. then we fight!
  4. also they 5 new friends to help them.
  5. there names are dorein,cole and uhh… i don’t know this gus name…
  6. they are even stonger than the first two jackson & tommas patrik!!!
  7. then I start crying my eyes out then I kicked the unknown person also I got in troble not them at all this is totaly unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. then after recces we meet again tommas patris says… next time we meet i am going to rip you face off!!! said tommas patrik.
  9. that made me really angry so next i pull out my own hair!!!!
  10. before dismissal (going home) i banged my funny bone as hard as i can! (i did not meen it at all)
  11. thats my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at school)

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HI mom!

Posted by upandcominggamer on August 12, 2008

Hi mom what you do’in over there?!

thank you for the blog connecting thing!

you and i sometimes are a goooood team.

anywho thanks!

oh my bad bye!!!

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the boy who hates school-welcome!

Posted by upandcominggamer on August 12, 2008

welcome guys or girls!

what have you been do’in?!

i just want to have a warm welcome!

thank you very much guys and girls!


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Hello world!

Posted by upandcominggamer on August 12, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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